(GermanPolicy.com) – The Federal States have called for easier deportations of people who do not have the right to stay in Germany. According to a decision by the Prime Ministers’ Conference, the Federal Government should seek appropriate contracts with the countries of origin of the corresponding group of people. This is to be negotiated at a federal-state meeting on 10 May. The Hessian Prime Minister Rhein (CDU) had previously emphasized that it was up to the Federal Government to initiate a “repatriation offensive”, as stipulated in the coalition agreement between the governing parties at federal level. The Federal States’ hands are practically tied, he added.

Federal Justice Minister Buschmann (FDP) is also committed to making deportations easier. However, he has called on the Federal States to remove deportation hurdles, according to media reports. For example, the municipal immigration authorities should be informed about releases from prison, Buschmann explained. Federal Finance Minister Lindner (FDP) said, on his part, that migration was not being adequately controlled, and that more consistency with irregular migrants is needed.

Bavaria’s Interior Minister Herrmann (CSU) sees opportunities to limit illegal entries. He rejected additional admission programs. After all, intensive offenders and persons who cause danger should be consistently deported. The Baden-Württemberg Migration Minister Gentges (CDU) referred to the risen costs when consolidating the residence status. For example, schooling, childcare and living expenses come into play, in such cases.

Most recently, it was said that many deportations failed due to flights that did not take place, due to legal objections by those concerned or the fact that those obliged to leave the country were not found at their place of residence.

More than 304,000 people without a right of residence dwell in Germany. Between 2020 and 2022, over 6,000 deportees returned to Germany illegally.

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