(de-news.net) – The German Association of Cities has complained that certain details about the planned payment card, which is to be issued as part of the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, are still open. Without firm, common regulations, we may be heading towards a patchwork quilt, said Managing Director Dedy. For example, it is unclear whether asylum seekers living in Germany for prolonged periods of time will also have to use the card. Additionally, it will have to be determined up to what amount cash withdrawals will be allowed and whether there should be restrictions as to certain goods.

The Federal Cabinet – made up of the SPD, Greens and FDP – had approved a wording aid from the Federal Ministry of Labor, the previous week, after parts of the Greens had previously found such a step unnecessary. For the payment card should become part of the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act as an option, the German Bundestag will still have to agree. The German Federal Member States, for their part, had been calling for a nationwide regulation for some time because only that would ensure legal certainty. The FDP gave praise to the payment card, saying that it would bring more order to migration policy, and that it was a good sign for the municipalities.

The aim of introducing the card for adult asylum seekers is to ensure that asylum seekers cannot transfer money to smugglers or to their families living abroad.

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