(de-news.net) – The Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Dreyer (SPD), has “strongly” called on the Union states to no longer reject the Growth Opportunities Act. According to a media report, Dreyer said that the law provides stimulus for investments that are urgently needed. At the same time, the politician warned against badmouthing Germany. The law includes relief for German companies amounting to around three billion Euros.

For his part, the Hessian Prime Minister Rhein (CDU) has signaled his state’s Bundesrat approval for 22 March if the overall package for the economy and growth, which the Bundestag would again pass, is acceptable. According to Rhein, the prerequisite is further measures than currently foreseen. Rhein mentioned the proposal of Federal Finance Minister Lindner (FDP) to abolish the solidarity surcharge for companies. This alone would lead to relief for the economy amounting to 2.5 billion Euros. The electricity tax must also be permanently reduced, Rhein pointed out. The CDU-CSU is committed to limiting the total tax burden for companies to a maximum of 25 percent in order to strengthen international competitiveness.

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