(de-news.net) – The FDP has spoken out in favor of providing additional relief to German companies. The FDP’s budget spokesman in the German Bundestag, Fricke, has specifically put forward a proposal to abolish the Solidarity Surcharge for companies and thus achieve relief of 12 billion Euros. This would have to be counter-financed through the budget, for example through changes to the recently adopted citizens’ money.

The FDP’s financial policy spokesman, Herbrand, is also open to “all propositions” that bring tax relief for the economy without taking on new debt. It is about a “trend reversal” that can be achieved through a “dynamization package.” Even if there could be a compromise with less impact after the Federal States have asserted financial reservations, a “first step” would be the adoption of the Growth Opportunities Act.

The President of the Taxpayers’ Association recently also spoke out in favor of abolishing the solidarity surcharge, after FDP chairman Lindner was the first to make this demandin the name of his party. SPD chairwoman Esken and Green party chairwoman Lang have made negative statements about the proposal.

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