(de-news.net) – In a wave of measures to reduce bureaucracy and the removal of complicated obligations, up to a hundred duties are to be canceled. This was announced by Federal Chancellor Scholz (SPD) and Federal Economics Minister Habeck (Greens). New laws are to be examined for simplification, so to result in little reporting requirements.

The package of projects relates, for example, to motorways, train routes, new apartment buildings and cell phone masts. Scholz emphasized that the measures against long proceedings are a first in Germany.

The environmental organization BUND criticized the resolutions agreed upon during a meeting between the Federal and State Governments: construction would become harmful to the environment, and citizens would no longer be involved. Hesse’s Prime Minister Rhein (CDU), on the other hand, called the resolutions an important step with substance. The head of the Union parties in the Bundestag, Merz (CDU), praised the role of the Federal States. “Germany needs more speed to get large and small projects off the ground,” he said according to a press report.

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