(GermanPolicy.com) – The German Bundestag has voted against compulsory vaccination. Federal Minister of Health Lauterbach (SPD) now sees no leeway to further reduce the measures against the Covid-19 pandemic. “We used up whatever we were able to loosen,” said the politician. In autumn, therefore, the protective measures against the pandemic will possibly be strengthened again. Lauterbach sees the failure of compulsory vaccination as a “clear result.” One had to live with it, although the country will not be optimally prepared for the wave that is emerging in autumn. It is unlikely to achieve compulsory vaccination in Germany. But there could be a mask requirement in Germany again after a few months have passed.

Chancellor Scholz (SPD) is against a new attempt at general vaccination. He labeled such a regulation as correct, but with no majority for it in the Bundestag. The draft law for an obligation from the age of 60 was rejected on Thursday with 378 negative against 296 yes votes. There were nine abstentions. The obligation to provide vaccination advice for people between the ages of 18 and 60 is also off the table. The proposal for a preventive vaccination law by the CDU-CSU was rejected on Thursday as well.


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