(GermanPolicy.com) – The Coronavirus has not disappeared, according to Federal Minister of Justice Buschmann (FDP). But it is now part of the “general risk of life”. Since experts had announced the end of the pandemic, the measures against the virus are no longer justified and should be lifted by ordinance. Other European countries had done the same, he added.

The SPD, as the largest governing party, was critical of the proposal. The consequences of Corona infections are still significant for many people, according to SPD chairwoman Esken. Masks and distance, for example, are still useful, she emphasized. On the other hand, the health policy spokesman for the CDU-CSU in the Bundestag said he was convinced that the “pandemic mode” would soon end. Sorge spoke out in favor of a conference of the Federal Government and the German states.

Virologist at the Berlin Charité, Drosten, had previously announced that the infection process had to be reassessed. The immunity within the German population is broad and resilient enough for the virus to show up only rarely in summer.

The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Weil (SPD), would like to wait until the winter months are over. A ministry spokesman in North Rhine-Westphalia, on his part, referred to the current situation of Corona infections, which are currently slightly increasing. If the federal law were to be changed, the measures that are currently still in force would no longer apply in his state. According to a media report, the majority of Federal States do not want to abolish the Corona measures at least until next year. The government in Saxony, for example, emphasized that it was now confirmed that one is on the way to an endemic disease.

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